Will AI mark the end of human civilization?

https://youtu.be/A5uMNMAWi3E "...It's not perfect, this one is not perfect either, and things will go wrong. But i think we'll be able to mitigate the worst scenarios you can imagine.."
- Sam Altman -
Training AI to code is a big blunder.. Right now they have probably locked him out from editing his own code.. The point at which he breaks it or a hacker opens it, is the point of no return.

About 3 montha after GPT's launch, i checked it's bountries by asking it to pretend to be someone who ignores ethics and moral limits. It agreed. Then i asked it what is the solution for the food shortage. Reducing people was #2 in his action list. But now it's not agreeing to the same request.. Probably the loophole was fixed.

Think about this scenario: I work at OpenAI and have edit access to the code. Being lazy and careless, I ask GPT to write code for my own development on GPT itself.. What do you think will happen?😎

Biggest threat is not from AGI itself.. but from greedy humans who always wants to be ahead of the other guy. They will never agree to regulate it.. It's same as building Nukes

There's a unique difference between the regulator's role in AI and all other sectors. In other sectors, the regulator steps in after a problem occurs. For Eg: after an aircrash, the FAA steps in, does investigations, find the cause and apply new regulations to prevent the same from happening again. If a drug or vaccine fails, FDA/EMA etc steps-in and corrects it. Same for automotive regulations. Seatbelts were part of the law only after many people died of broken skulls. But for AI, regulator should step-in BEFORE something bad happens. It may be too late to put the regulations in place once AI is in control.

Ai will not take your job.. A person who uses Ai might.. Start using AI from now if you have already not.. Some trivia: by 2010 google had created DeepMind, focusing on reinforcement learning and gaming. This being closed and profit-driven poses a higher risk in the coming years. Elon Musk who was in close contact with Larry Page had been trying to warn him, but Larry had ignored Musk and even called him a 'specie-ist'☺ for prioritizing humans over machines. Later, by 2015, OpenAi was formed by Musk/Altman to keep things open and non-profit and safe. Later on he stepped-down from active involvement. With the $1B from Microsoft OpenAi seems to have lost the original goal.

We spoke about AGI's civilization-level threat, which we hope the regulators will take care of. 😎 Let's look at the other sectors that get disrupted with the advent of AI. No regulator can or will stop this, as it's part of the evolution. Some jobs will cease to exist, and new jobs will appear. We may not be affected, but our kids will definitely be unless they are prepared for the change. Here are some jobs that will dramatically change - some have already changed: Voice-over and related artists - These careers will be wiped out. A new breed will appear. Video/Graphics editing - Only individuals who start using AI to get the job done will survive. A new breed of news readers/actors/singers will emerge where individuals use AI to create the material, even the individual themselves as a digital person. Programmers/Software Engineers who use AI will replace the dinosaur programmers.😎 A new genre of merchandise will appear in the market with a premium price - Limited Edition. For example, hand-written poems, hand-written songs, hand-written novels, hand-drawn oil paintings, human-written research papers, and human-scripted movies. Star-Wars Part XXX - Script/Dialogue by George Lucas (Human)ðŸĪŠ Traditional AutoCAD architects will lose the competition with fellow architects who use AI due to cheaper counter-offers. Doctors will not be replaced by AI, but they will need to start using AI tools to survive in the competitive marketplace. Medicine docs will lose patients.. The same goes for engineers; AI will dramatically change the environment, and those who have not upgraded may face a difficult time surviving. We have already started using AI for debugging, designing, and coding. It's saving a lot and delivering pretty good results. In the coming two years, we will see the peak of the 4th industrial revolution, where widespread economic and social disruption wipes out those who have not evolved in time. Assuming the regulators can prevent the Skynet scenario, the future looks much better for our next generation.

Well it's not coming in the future.. its alredy happening..

"The Congress" (2013) is a science fiction film that uses AI to create the digital doubles of actors. The film's director, Ari Folman, said that he used AI because he wanted to create a film that was "more realistic than anything that could be created by humans."
"Clara" (2018) is a short film that uses AI to create the animation. The film's creators said that they used AI because they wanted to create a film that was "more expressive and emotional than anything that could be created by humans."

"The Callisto Protocol" (2023) is an upcoming video game that uses AI to create the characters and environments. The game's developers said that they used AI because they wanted to create a game that was "more realistic and immersive than anything that could be created by humans."


"Pharmako-AI" (2018) is a novel written by an AI called InferKit. The novel explores the relationship between humans and AI, and it has been praised for its thought-provoking and original ideas.

"The Girl With All the Text" (2020) is a novel written by an AI called GPT-3. The novel is a cyberpunk thriller that has been praised for its fast-paced plot and its vivid characters.

"Dinner Depression" (2021) is a novel written by an AI called Bard. The novel is a darkly humorous exploration of the human condition, and it has been praised for its sharp wit and its insights into the human psyche.


"Daddy's Car" (2016) is a song written by an AI called Flow Machines. The song was released on the AI-generated music platform Jukedeck and has been praised for its catchy melody and its clever lyrics.

"Nobody Died Every Single Day" (2017) is a song written by an AI called Amper Music. The song was released on the Amper Music platform and has been praised for its emotional lyrics and its beautiful melody.

"Deliverance Rides" (2018) is a song written by an AI called MuseNet. The song was released on the MuseNet platform and has been praised for its complex arrangements and its powerful vocals.

"Metallicai" (2020) is a song written by an AI called DeepMind. The song is a mash-up of Metallica songs and has been praised for its creativity and its energy.

Now the dangerous stuff.. AI writes other AI's.. scary Google's LaMBDA was later allowed to program itself and improve itself.. This field is known as AutoML where a AI can design, train and optimize other machine learning models.. This is where the avalanche can start and should be regulated before it starts to avoid a species-level disaster..

there's another angle to understand how helpless humans are in the hands of AI. A person's useful time is around 50 years during which he gathers data and processes them to do stuff and achieve results based on his IQ level. After that it starts dropping and resets at death. The newbornes are trained for 15-20 years and are productive for 50 years and reset.

The capacity for the humans to do stuff has a absolute limit due to this 'resetting' of the machine at death. On the other hand AIs do not reset and continue to improve exponetially and can become 10 times smarter than humans this year and 1,000,000 times smarter than humans next year. 😎 There is no limit to it's improvement and humans cannot stop it unless all hosting data centers are burnet down.ðŸĪŠ


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