Diverging Perspectives: Sri Lanka's Historical Controversies

Found the old book by Robert Knox from an archive in UK.

This book was first written by him in 1681 after fleeing from Sri Lanka in 1680. This version includes the original text and maybe more later additions.

The writing is probably based on verbal information Knox had gathered while in Ceylon.
Page 194 says something very interesting..
It says someone called Ziddarta, the son of Zuddodana who was the Emperor of Candy..
Will read further and add more stuff here in this blog later.

Tell us what you think about this in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: In the present day, things like history/culture etc are mis-used by the politicians. Our effort is not connected in anyway to a political discussion. The discussions if any, should take place without any involvement with politics/religeons etc.
You can download the PDF here.


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