The First Star Wars Movie - Chapter 1-3

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Darth Vader's huge imperial ship caught up on  Princess Leia's ship - in which she was carrying the stolen plans of the 'Death Star'  - and 'sucked-in' the small ship. The rebels could not withstand the fire-power of the imperial storm-troopers and lost their head when Darth Vader strangled him with one hand... R2D2 has been given a secret mission by someone and he draggs along C3PO into an escape pod....

Chapter 1-3

The massive form whirled unexpectedly, and Imperial officers shrank
under that baleful sculptured stare. "Start tearing this ship apart piece by
piece, component by component, until you find those tapes. As for the
passengers, if any, I want them alive." He paused a moment, then added,

Officers and men nearly fell over themselves in their haste to
leave-not necessarily to carry out Vader's orders, but simply to retreat
from that malevolent presence.

Artoo Detoo finally came to a halt in an empty corridor devoid of smoke
and the signs of battle. A worried, confused Threepio pulled up behind him.
"You've led us through half the ship, and to what...?" He broke off,
staring in disbelief as the squat robot reached up with one clawed limb and
snapped the seal on a lifeboat hatch. Immediately a red warning light came
on and a low hooting sounded in the corridor.

Threepio looked wildly in all directions, but the passageway remained
empty. When he looked back, Artoo was already working his way into the
cramped boat pod. It was just large enough to hold several humans, and its
design was not laid out to accommodate mechanicals. Artoo had some trouble
negotiating the awkward little compartment.

"Hey," a startled Threepio called, admonishing, "you're not permitted
in there! It's restricted to humans only. We just might be able to convince
the Imperials that we're not rebel programmed and are too valuable to break
up, but if someone sees you in there we haven't got a chance. Come on out."
Somehow Artoo had succeeded in wedging his body into position in front
of the miniature control board. He cocked his body slightly and threw a
stream of loud beeps and whistles at his reluctant companion.

Threepio listened. He couldn't frown, but he managed to give a good
impression of doing so. "Mission... what mission? What are you talking
about? You sound like you haven't got an integrated logic terminal left in
your brain. No... no more adventures. I'll take my chances with the
Imperials-and I'm not getting in there."

An angry electronic twang came from the Artoo unit.
"Don't call me a mindless philosopher," Threepio snapped back, "you
overweight, unstreamlined glob of grease!"

Threepio was concocting an additional rejoinder when an explosion blew
out the back wall of the corridor. Dust and metal debris whooshed through
the narrow subpassageway, followed instantly by a series of secondary
explosions. Flames began jumping hungrily from the exposed interior wall,
reflecting off Threepio's isolated patches of polished skin.

Muttering the electronic equivalent of consigning his soul to the
unknown, the lanky robot jumped into the life pod. "I'm going to regret
this," he muttered more audibly as Artoo activated the safety door behind
him. The smaller robot flipped a series of switches, snapped back a cover,
and pressed three buttons in a certain sequence. With the thunder of
explosive latches the life pod ejected from the crippled fighter.

But they don't know that they are being watched.....

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