StarWars IV - ( The first Star Wars movie released in '77 )


The first movie in the the Epic StarWars Movie Trilogy. Released in the USA in 1977 and screened in Sri Lanka around 1981. We watched the movie at the Majestic theater which was at the land now taken by Majestic City.  The Majestic theater was huge and I still believe MC should have been built somewhere else and they should have let Majestic Cinema to be there..

StarWars 1 was actually StarWars-IV in George Lucas's huge storyline and was named 'A New Hope'. However, the title 'A New Hope' was not shown anywhere in the movie.

The movie is so old but so new ....

Original StarWars Movie Poster

VHS movie cassette cover

StarWars Story

** Real screen-shots from the movie

The famous StarWars score starts.....

Score ends - By the way - even after almost 40 years many TV/radio channels still use this score at events

Start-up scene... we look down and realize that we are in space and see the 'moon' and .the 'earth'

A young farm boy 'Luke Skywalker' lives with his uncle and aunt in Tatooine and finds the 2 Droids (no.. they was not made by Google..) ......

Yeah - Google copied R2D2.. Let's come back to the story

... who carry a distress message from Princess Leia who is captured by the Empire.
When the evil Darth Vader of the empire finds about the droids who escaped to Tatooine, traces them and kills Luke's uncle and aunt while Luke was outside with 'Obi-Wan'  (Ben) Kenoby.

The loss of family forces Luke who wanted to be a farmer, to drop everything and  go rescue Leia with the help of Ben Kenoby who is a Jedi-knight. - Jedi are persons with high mind-power.

Luke sells his land-speeder (a car that floats) - by the way - all vehicles float in Tatooine and all other planets in the Starwars Universe - probably they have some anti-gravity thing which is common - like the newton's gravity we see everywhere in our universe.  -

.......and finds some cash and goes out with Ben looking for a spaceship to go find Leia.

They bump into Han Solo in a club where aliens play music - I remember a singing Blue elephant - who (Han) flies the 'Millenium Falcon' - A space ship that can do light-speed - and Han agrees for the hire as he has to settle a debt to a 'lizard' whose name i don't remember - got it - Its 'Jabba the Hutt', and 'bounty hunters' are on his trail to take his head to the lizard (Jabba).

Darth Vader who is a Jedi himself but now turned into the 'dark-side' uses his senses to trap Han's spaceship into the 'Death Star' - a planet-like space station made by metal.

Han who was only interested in his 'hire' gets caught in the fight for survival and soon becomes part of the rebellions and starts eyeing the princess while we think Luke and Leia should make the 'Hindi movie couple' - Even Mr. Lucas was not sure about the triangle at this point in time - however he gets away from the mess withe a smart twist later on when someone says 'I am your father' which in turn  became the best movie 'one-liner' of all time. 

George Lucas wrote the epic story but did not have the capital to produce it and tied up with a producing company -

 however he did the wise thing by keeping all the legal rights to the story and its characters - taking a hit on his director fee - which was a major decision that was decisive for his future.

** Real screen shot from the movie

Unlike other science fiction and space stories, starwars did not use the shiny - so called futuristic - sets, Spaceship interiors and backdrops and the sets were made 'dirty' by the director himself to look realistic.

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